Monday, June 13, 2011

Goodnite SweetHeart....

I enjoy the morning, I like the afternoon, but I love bedtime with my girls... There is something so peaceful, and special about putting my babies to bed.  Sadie loves being read to, so after bath time we cuddle up on her bed and read at least 2 books. She holds my hand, and plays with my hair.  It's this time, when I feel so grateful, for being blessed with such precious gifts from God.  We give kisses, and hugs, and are nightly saying is..." good sleep, and sweet dreams".  It's funny how she says, "mommy, I'm not tired", and within 10 minutes she is sound

Now, as much I enjoy and love my night time ritual with Sadie, I love bedtime with Olivia just a little bit more. Sadie, is past the cuddling stage, but my Livi is a great cuddler.. She nestles into my neck and plays with my hair.  I rock her in my glider, and hum to her.  I'm not the best singer, so humming does the trick.  She usually is asleep in about 20 minutes, but I stay with her about 45 minutes.  She is just so peaceful, and there is nothing like holding a sleeping baby.  The calmness of her breathing, makes me want to fall asleep right there with her. 

 I sneak in on both of them before I head to bed myself.  I love watching my beautiful girls.  Sadie is a bed hog, and she utilizes every piece of her bed.  Good thing we gave her a full size bed, or else she probably would have fallen off numerous times by now.  Since Olivia is rolling now, she is pretty much all over her crib.  The way I lay her down at night, is never the way she wakes up in the morning.  I haven't yet moved her crib down to the next level, or had to put the side rail up.  But it kills me to admit that, the time is coming very soon. 

Bedtime, is a good time for me to bond with the girls, and enjoy the quiet time with them.  A time I'm going to miss when they are older, and prefer to go to bed all by themselves.. :(  It's a little depressing to know that these times are so scarce.  I need to get all the cuddles I can, while they are willing to give them to me. 

With all that being said, it is way past my bedtime..., but who's going to put me to bed... lol.

So until my fingers dance again.....good sleep and sweet dreams.....

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