Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Mom's Best-Friend.....

When the laundry doesn't end, and the dishes always seem to magically appear in the sink. When the kids need to be fed, and they need to be put to bed.  After a crazy day, or a laid back day, it always nice to talk to a good friend.

I have a few special women in my life, that make a good day better, or bad day good.  They are women I know will tell me like it is, even if it's not what I want to hear.  Women, that who like me are wives and mothers.  Women that are family, or I wish could be.  I'm very fortuante to know them, and to have them care just as much about me as I do them. They offer advice, and laughter, a hug and a smile, a shoulder to cry on. A friend is hard to come by, and a great friend is even harder.

They are older, and younger, but it never seems to matter. I have a childhood friend, that even though the miles keep us apart, we can still count on each other.  These women, are special in their own ways, they each contribute to my life in a different way.  I am a better wife and mother, because they remind me that I am.

I have had friends that have come and gone, friends that didn't turn out to be who I thought they were.
Then I have these friends, a select few that make me proud to know them.  I've chosen not to use their names, because I didn't ask their permission. They know who they are though.  Or at least I hope they do :)

So, to my friends, that read my blog, and the ones who always remind me I haven't blogged in a while... lol
you mean the world to me, and I hope to know you for a lifetime...

Til my fingers dance again... find a friend and make it last... :)

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