Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've been a busy Mommy.....

Hi All!

It's been brought to my attention that I haven't kept up with my blog.  It was actually quite flattering that I have someone who is following me, and calling me on the fact that I'm slacking.... Well I'm not really slacking, I've just been extremely busy... So I guess I owe y'all a update of the last two weeks.. Enjoy :)

For Christmas this year, my parents gave me a gift certificate to Woodhouse Day Spa in Corpus.  I had been waiting to be able to use this for 3 months.  Afterall, I think I was so deserving of this day of relaxation. I mean I did work a full tax season, carry a baby for nine months, work a full tax season again, and all with little to no sleep.  So the day got booked and I got to go with some amazing women from work.  We had our day planned for no kids, no husbands and total bliss.  We left Beeville at 7:30 in the morning, and made the what seemed forever trip to Corpus. When we arrived at the spa, I must say just walking thru the door relaxed me.  We were taken back to the locker room, so we could change in to comfy robes and sandals that felt good at first, and then actually started to hurt my  After we changed we were sent to what was called the "quiet room", I actually had butterflies in my tummy.  We were called back and they started with the package we had put together.  50 minute full body massage, facial and a pedicure.  The massage was just what my tired and aching body needed, I could have fallen asleep right there on the table, but I was afraid I might snore...hehe. Ok, I had no idea what to expect with a facial. My whole idea of it, was just what I had seen in movies, you know sitting around with cucumbers over my eyes, but oh was I wrong! It was the most amazing experience ever, (shhh don't tell, but it was better than the massage), I know that must sound crazy, and I am actually having difficulties putting it in to words. You'll just have to trust me.  We finished it up with a pedicure, which I must say that after 2 weeks still looks pretty awesome.  Overall, it was just the kind of day this tired mommy needed. We ate lunch at Cheddar's and did a little shopping, and I enjoyed the time away. My friends are amazing women, and I am so blessed to have them in my life, and I loved spending the day with them.  In the end, I was anxious to get home to my girls.  I did feel a little guilty leaving them all day....

Olivia had a follow up doctor's appointment last Thursday.  She was over her bronchitis, and was finally able to get her 2 month old shots, a little late but nevertheless.  As every mommy knows, it's so hard on the heart to see your little one get poked, but she was a trooper. She weighed 13 pounds, 5 ounces and the doctor said she is looking great.

Ok, now this next part is really depressing, (ok I'm being a little  Sadie took her cap and gown pictures on Monday.  Graduation day from Pre-K is fastly approaching, where did the time go?  I'm going to be a mommy to a kindergardner. :(  How is it possible that I can still so freshly remember my first day of kinder, and now my baby is going?  All I know is, on graduation day, I better make sure I have plenty of tissues.. ;(

Even though I've missed 2 weeks of writing, as you can tell not much has been happening. Work is consuming most of my time right now...but with only 3 days left of tax season, (which I'm really excited about), my writing should pick up more.  My girls are healthy and happy, and my husband is awesome....
Everything is just the way it should be.

Goodnite friends, til my fingers dance again, be happy :)

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